Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain Bike Tour

Even at first glance you can see that I don't own a mountain bike. But since my old bike is very dear to me, has accompanied me for 25 years and also survived the flight to Tanzania in one piece, I thought we would survive a tour together on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Well, everything survived in one piece, but I really recommend everyone to ride a mountain bike when it's called a mountain bike tour!

The other two were clearly smarter than me!

The starting point of the tour was the new "Dual Mountain View Lodge", located about 10 kilometres from Moshi on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Machare.

We are here at 1400 metres altitude. When the guide told us that we were now going to do a two-hour tour and cover 14 kilometres, I thought: what kind of nonsense is that; 2 hours for 14 kilometres, that can't be! I can easily do that in one hour! But no way! After the first 300 metres downhill, it was all uphill. And not on paved roads. Mostly bad tracks or even just trails from the cows.

But the nature around was absolutely fantastic. Banana and coffee plantations and many small Chagga Villages.

As a reward, we also passed a waterfall where we could relax with our feet in the water.

The whole tour was really insanely exhausting, but absolutely beautiful.This is Africa

At the end, the pool was a tempting place to cool off. And of course a good meal as a reward.