100 Trees for Mabogini Secondary School


Actually, a planting campaign was planned again this year for World Earth Day on April 22. But since this coincided with the Islamic Eid celebrations, the trees we donated were planted together with the students of Mabogini Secondary School a few days later.
At Himo Tree Nursery, Jackson selected the young trees and prepared them for transport.

Jackson Frank Lobikieki, Forestry worker with passion

In hindsight, the postponement of the planting date was a good coincidence, since April 22 was rainy throughout. A week later we had more luck with the weather, although there was no sunshine.

The road conditions continued to be difficult, but that didn't stop the students from participating full of enthusiasm. But the way to school was a real challenge for one or the other.

Since we already knew the school well from another action last year, we were again very warmly welcomed by teachers and students.

Before starting the planting, Jonathan gave a short introduction to environmental education.
Jonathan Lyimo, coordinator Tanzanian Bees & Trees
We need each other

Together we planted 100 young trees of 12 different species that afternoon. Especially the high percentage of fruit trees pleased the school director, Simon Masunga. Already in a few years, with good care, lemons, oranges, mangos, guavas, avocados, java plums and soursop can be harvested by the students. Through the organization of Mr. Masunga, that two students are responsible for one tree each, the raising of the trees will surely be successful.

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