I really like Moshi and I'm always happy when Kilimanjaro shows itself. But as a true northern light, I am always drawn to the sea.
The Indian Ocean is about 300 kilometres away. It's not really that far, but here in Tanzania it can take a whole day to get there. Especially if you use public transport. But the intercity buses are usually quite comfortable, and it is also nice to look at the landscape on the way.

Sisal plantation
Unfortunately, the bus does not go directly to Pangani but to Tanga. 40 kilometres before, in Muheza, you get off the bus and look around for transport to Pangani. This is not difficult, because as soon as you get off the bus, at least 10 men talk at me, all wanting to take me somewhere. I decided on a boda boda. For this decision, you need a fair amount of adventurousness, because it is 45 kilometres to Pangani and the track is not always good. I really can't recommend it in the rainy season. After about an hour's drive, we reach Pangani. This small, very old town lies directly at the mouth of the river of the same name. In the near vicinity of this fishing village are some very beautiful secluded beaches. I decided to go to Ushongo. To get there, you have to cross the river.
After another 20 minutes with the Bodaboda I find a very nice accommodation at Mike`s Beach Cottages.
The beaches here are great and so much quieter than in Zanzibar. You spend the day relaxing in the hammock.
walk endlessly along the beach
watches the children play football
or simply enjoy the good food at the accommodation. Mike also offers various tours. Deep-sea anglers also get their money's worth here. I actually wanted to do a snorkelling tour to the reef, but since the day was cloudy, I decided on a boat tour on the Pangani River. It was a nice tour through a swampy river landscape where you expect crocodiles everywhere.
At the end there was freshly harvested coconut water
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