Honey Production
Honey Production

Environmental education and climate protection actions for the conservation of biodiversity in Tanzania

Sustainability in harmony with nature

Understanding the interrelationships of nature together

Tanzanian Bees & Trees e. V. fights in the Kilimanjaro region against the climate change that has been visible here for a long time.
The mountain is losing its white peak. Floods alternate with extreme droughts. It is no longer possible to produce enough food for the rapidly growing population, which leads to famine.

With our measures for environmental education among the Tanzanian population, the participants recognize the indispensable interrelationships in nature.
We show new ways to generate income while taking into account the preservation of ecosystems. All trainings are accompanied by practical actions such as tree planting, tree care, ecological beekeeping.

Furthermore, we cooperate with Himo Tree Nursery, which we also support professionally and financially. The tree nursery is a joint project of the Moshi District Council and regional capital of Kiel. With our association, we would like to support the continued existence and further expansion into an environmental center. This is intended to sensitize the Tanzanian population to nature and environmental protection across all areas.