Himo Tree Nursery

Himo Tree Nursery

The almost 5 hectare large tree nursery area lay fallow for more than 10 years. Buildings were decayed/damaged, the water supply interrupted, the soil depleted by years of maize cultivation.
At the end of October 2019, the tree nursery was officially opened as a joint project of the Moshi District and the state capital of Kiel.

The Team

Zuhura -
Project Supervisor
Jackson -
Project Supervisor Assistant
Saul - Project Coordinator - GIZ Local Expert
Innocent - Project Coordinator - Forest Officer
Isaak - Freelance Worker
Joyce - Freelance Worker

The office building

In addition to the field work, the renovation of the office building was one of the first important tasks. We managed to preserve the foundation and walls of the old building. Roof, windows, doors and sanitary facilities had to be completely renewed. A team of construction workers spent several weeks on the nursery grounds in order to quickly complete the work.